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3500 Adorable Baby Bear NFTs Living on Ethereum

Baby Bears

Baby Bears are the original collection of 3,500 unique Baby Deluxe NFTs which sold out in just 2 hours!

Baby Wild Cats

Baby Wild Cats is a companion collection to our original Baby Bears. Purchase them with $BBMILK token soon!


Exclusive Baby Bear Community

All Baby Bear holders have exclusive access to a private section in our discord server. This holders group will discuss NFT and crypto updates as well as gain access to exclusive partnerships.

Community Wallet

15% of our minting funds went to a community wallet which was used to help market our project further and pay for exclusive giveaways and activities for holders.

Charitable Donations

We donated $10,000 to the Together We Rise foundation! We will continue to donate 50% of any royalties.


Every Baby Bear holder earns 5 $BBMILK tokens per day. Some Baby Bears have a double-milk property yielding them x2 as many tokens per day!

Companion Project

Our limited companion collection will be available for purchase with $BBMILK token. Stay tuned for the Baby Wild Cats!


What is Baby Deluxe?

Baby Deluxe is a collection of 3,500 Baby Bear NFTs existing on the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I get a Baby Deluxe?

You will be able to purchase Baby Deluxe directly through our website using MetaMask.

How much does Baby Deluxe cost?

Each Baby Deluxe costs 0.01 ETH + gas. Join our discord for more info on our launch date.

What is $BBMILK Token?

$BBMILK Token is our very own token to be used within our Baby Deluxe ecosystem. Each Baby Bear holder will earn $BBMILK every day.

Meet The Team

Papa Bear
Community Manager
Social Manager
What do the Baby Bears say?


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